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PS. From my Almari to yours. A flair for shared. Where every piece has a past, and every purchase, a future.

My Almari is an eco-conscious platform for consuming designer fashion, where luxury sellers and second-hand buyers connect for all things preloved.


Rediscover an almari filled with stories

Changing the norm, My Almari is a certified and diaphanous, green circular fashion model, that encourages you to identify things you’re never going to use again. The world of fashion is filled with masterpieces, a testament to skilled craftsmanship and the beauty of design. Step into this digital Almari, to possess unparalleled grandeur with uncompromising quality, sourced from the finest of almaris.

Unlock preloved treasures and reclaim historic opulence

We are green-vamping fashion to put a damper on the newness trend, with more timeless pieces. Our extensive authentication connects luxury resellers and buyers for a preloved and mindful shopping experience across menswear and womenswear.

So if you’re feeling, ’I got 99 dresses, this ain't the one’ then SELL IT! And make someone else feel good about owning your exquisite taste, sustainably.

Decluttered since 2020


Curated Collection:

The website features a carefully curated collection of preloved luxury items, including traditional Indian, as well as modern designer clothing, jewelry, accessories, and handbags with influences.


Global Specialization

My Almari focuses on showcasing luxury items from different regions globally, promoting unique design aesthetics and art across the world.


Authenticity and Verification

The platform emphasises the authenticity of the luxury items being sold. We here at The Almari, implement stringent verification processes to ensure the genuineness of the products, including authentication by third-party partnerships with authorised luxury brand resellers.



The website promotes sustainable fashion practices by encouraging customers to embrace the concept of circular economy and reduce fashion waste. By buying and selling preloved luxury items, customers can contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

An overview


My Almari, fosters a sense of dialogue that supports the sustainable luxury movement in India.


The Creative Breeze.

The Almari that gave birth to the idea of preloved. Back in Covid, when Niti was decluttering her closet, she realised the many premium products that easily transcended fashion trends, needed another almari. That is where, the CEO of the brand, came up with the idea of a digital marketplace for validated luxury resale.

Niti grew up immersed in the family’s legacy of textiles as both a seasoned merchandiser and designer and harnessed the power of her expertise and heritage to redefine the boundaries of responsible fashion.

A visionary entrepreneur, Niti has had a successful career as a makeup artist and has embarked on a remarkable venture in the world of pre-loved luxury. Equipped with a foundation in business education from Purdue, she is poised to redefine the landscape of conscious consumption. From wildly out-of-the-ordinary beauty looks to a wild spirit, she herself likes to collect coveted and luxurious, pre-owned products with impeccable craftsmanship. She is somebody who does not believe in a trend-led purchase and instead chooses to buy investment pieces celebrating design expertise.


The Quiet Decision Maker

Nishita is the CFO of My Almari and a key executive responsible for overseeing and managing the financial operations and strategies of the company. With a deep understanding of financial management and business, she is critical for ensuring My Almari is filled with financial resources and success. As a strategic leader BTS, she is systematic in executing financial plans that align with the company's overall objectives in an always-evolving fashion scene.

Other than giving second life to luxury pieces, Nishita is well-traveled and culturally aware, bringing in her unique perspective. As a former member of her family textile business's new product development team, she also held the keys to unlocking fresher concepts. As a social reformer, she has also recognised that true societal transformation lies in empowering individuals through education, and she is resolute in her mission to change the very roots of educational systems.

Transparency and sustainability are at the core of her values, and so she is here to drive impact in the way fashion is being consumed.



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